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Hello there, my name is Sharon and I live in Westcliff on Sea with my two daughters, Rosie Matilda and Rumer Valentine and, when he's home from uni, my son Sydney. I opened my shop Roses & Rue in July 2009 and this has been a long held dream realised. I have recently given up teaching so that I can focus on building the business. As well as being fanatical about knitting, I love to crochet, sew and generally have a go at all things crafty. Hopefully you will take a little time out now and then to visit the blog and find out whats been going on in my busy world.

Monday, 30 August 2010


I was very kindly lent a book by Ros, called Blogging for Bliss, which has inspired me to set about improving the blog. It is a really useful and user friendly book full of excellent tips and ideas and there are some great examples of blogs to take a look at. So I have begun to change things in the hope that I will make the blog as eyecatching and interesting as possible. I would be grateful for any comments. What do you think of the design so far?

Back to work tomorrow - the end of the summer holidays. Back to routine and academia, deadlines and targets. I now have to think philosophy instead of crochet, religious art instead of patchwork. Im hoping that this will be the last year that I have to rely on my income as a teacher and that the shop will start paying me a wage. I think Im getting there, things seem to be picking up and Ive been thinking of ways to promote the shop, the classes etc. I have lots to look forward to over the coming months and I hope that I can balance the challenges of two jobs, three children and all the obligations that come with those roles. I'm going to think positive, set myself realistic goals and try and keep calm................

Friday, 13 August 2010

Life is so precious

Today has been tinged with sadness as I said farewell to one of my oldest friends, Brian, who passed away last week. Many of Brian's, and indeed my, oldest friends turned up to celebrate his life and support his wife Bev and son Josh.

I won't go on at length but I wanted to share this with you because I want to say the obvious. Life is too short, so live, love and laugh often. Tell those nearest to you how much you appreciate them and forget whatever it is that niggles you about them.

I took a picture of the 'boys' for posterity and because we don't see enough of each other. The grey hair and bald patches are there but we're still smiling and healthy.

As Brian used to always say, 'Bless Yer' bruv, until we meet again...now where's my cup of coffee...

Footnote: Lawrence is wearing my glasses because he refuses to accept that old age has got the better of him and he needs his own!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

village green

What a horrid day, rain rain and more rain. Typical school holiday weather really. The window cleaner, who fancies himself as a meteorologist, duped me and told me that it was going to be really warm and sunny throughout the summer and I fell for it. Should have known better.

It's been quiet in the shop today, nice and peaceful and I had time to do a bit of knitting. We are getting ready for Village Green in September, which promises to be a fantastic event again, weather permitting of course. So I thought I'd show you some of the brooches that Annette has been making and part finished handwarmers which I started this morning. We have got loads more to make before we are ready but at least we've started...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It's been a while

Hi all,
It's been a while since last I blogged. As usual life flies by at a fast pace and I have lots to tell you. Firstly, one reason for my lack of blogging is because I have been working on an exciting commission. I was asked to provide a range of items for a photo shoot for the Christmas edition of Ideal Home. How exciting! My brief was to create a range of homemade articles in shades of Nordic red and white. So along with my trusty team of helpers we have been knitting, crocheting, sewing and patchworking like the clappers to meet the deadline. The results were fantastic and the shoot is taking place over the next few days in a beautiful house in the Oxfordshire countryside. Hopefully some of our bits will feature in the mag when it is published. I cant wait to see it. A big thanks goes to Annette, Mad Jen, Lilian, Sue, Jane and especially Lara and Debbie, who made it all possible.
Anyway, this has prompted me to finally get to work on adding an online shop to the website (you never know, we might get some orders once the mag is published). Oh but what a nightmare for someone who has a pathological dislike of computers and anything technical. Lets just say, so far I've thought about what I will include in the shop. As for actually getting it done......aaaaggghhhhhhh. Watch this space!