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Hello there, my name is Sharon and I live in Westcliff on Sea with my two daughters, Rosie Matilda and Rumer Valentine and, when he's home from uni, my son Sydney. I opened my shop Roses & Rue in July 2009 and this has been a long held dream realised. I have recently given up teaching so that I can focus on building the business. As well as being fanatical about knitting, I love to crochet, sew and generally have a go at all things crafty. Hopefully you will take a little time out now and then to visit the blog and find out whats been going on in my busy world.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

These boots were made for cuties!

Just wanted to show you these oh so cute booties that Annette and I have made recently for Village Green. Made using scraps, the Green shoes are made from a pattern downloaded from a site:

The yellow crocheted slippers are taken from a book by Erica Knight, but can't remember which one off hand. I'll try and find it and add it to the page.

Busy Busy Bees

Spent the weekend in Deal, my favourite hideaway ( I have a 10 year plan to retire there!). Much relaxing and eating and drinking was the order of the day. I seriously did not want to come back and face the piles of work waiting for me. It was maybe a little silly to go away when I have Village Green coming up - but sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

Whilst having lunch in the Black Douglas, a quirky and lovely bistro type place, I found this lovely mosaic on a wall made from crockery. It has given me some ideas for my garden.

Rather unbelievably, I have recently and very tragically lost another friend, Laura, and it has taken my breath away. I am now determined to try and find time to relax as well as fit in all the hectic things that fill my day. I will stretch that 24 hours and make it longer...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Childrens Party

Saturday was incredibly busy with 8 ladies in to do 'Patchwork for Beginners' and then our very first childrens party in the afternoon. The party was a great success and the children made some brilliant sock creatures, as you can see. Sue and I really enjoyed it, although we both agreed we were very tired at the end of the day.

Later that evening we went to a 70's birthday party for Emma's 4oth. Don't ask me why but we decided to visit the pub first dressed in some very strange 70's attire. There just happened to be a load of rugby players in there, also celebrating a 40th. I haven't got any pictures to show you but someone thought we were 'fortune tellers'!!!!! I thought we looked very fetching, especially Sue in her 'Margot' wig. I must find some photos to post so you can see....

Friday, 10 September 2010

Beautiful bunting

Last night I had a 'winter preview' evening in the shop, which was well attended and a great success. Customers were able to see the new winter yarns, patterns and other bits and bobs, as well as receive a 10% discount on anything purchased. There was wine aflow and delicious nibbles, provided by Jen.....cor fanx blud!
Talking of mad, I mean Jen, Fridays always make me smile, even when the last few days have been particularly tough. Jen and her army of workers - Sue, Annette and Lilian - all helped me to put up the new bunting, (beautifully made by Ros, thanks Ros).

Suffice it to say the whole event was one big pant wetting laugh from start to finish. Nails were hammered into the wall with varying levels of skill and accuracy, tables were moved, bodies were precariously balanced and finally the bunting was up. Annette commented that if a man had been there they would have measured, marked, planned and levelled before putting the bunting up. All I can say is, good job we're not men, it wouldn't have been half as much fun.....

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fancy Nancy!

Last night marked the return of 'knit & natter' in its full glory and it was lovely to see the 'old' ladies as well as some new ladies. It made everything seem as if Autumn is here, although officially its not time yet. Everyone's attention has turned to their winter projects and ideas abound. New yarn is arriving in the shop and there are some fantastic new books with gorgeous patterns. There seems to be a real 40's revival as well as a 'folky' theme going on with some gorgeous tweedie yarns and lots of sludgy shades of green and taupe and grey. Yum!
Nancy brought with her an absolutely divine crocheted blanket that she has just finished. It was crocheted in 'granny square' rows and lookes really effective in a delicious colour palette, (which I think was mainly Rooster yarn). The edging is a real triumph and sets the whole blanket off.

Monday, 6 September 2010

knitting squares for blankets

Hi all

well I'm back at college, and so far have managed to survive (early days). I should be preparing resources for lessons but decided that blogging is far more fun, so here I am.

I just wanted to remind everyone that we are still knitting and crocheting squares ready to put together as blankets which are being sent out to the orphanage in Mozambique. So if you have any spare stash, make some squares (6inches x 6inches) and drop them into the shop. It would be most apreciated.

We are also going to be making squares at the Village Green so do come along and support us, tell your friends, family, neighbours, anyone that will listen, as its sure to be a great day again. Any money that we can raise on the day will be given to Coco's Foundation so that we can support the continued development of the Orphanage.

Special thanks to Barbara and Lisa. Barbara made the blanket in the picture and Lisa made the soft toys, which will be gratefully received by the children.
PS I'm back to patchworking tonight and I can't wait....bliss!