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Hello there, my name is Sharon and I live in Westcliff on Sea with my two daughters, Rosie Matilda and Rumer Valentine and, when he's home from uni, my son Sydney. I opened my shop Roses & Rue in July 2009 and this has been a long held dream realised. I have recently given up teaching so that I can focus on building the business. As well as being fanatical about knitting, I love to crochet, sew and generally have a go at all things crafty. Hopefully you will take a little time out now and then to visit the blog and find out whats been going on in my busy world.

Friday, 16 July 2010

I'm such a square

I've been asking myself why I like squares so much. Is it a sad reflection of my personality? I've always been a hearts and flowers kind of girl but recently I find myself hankering for all things square - patchwork squares, crocheted granny squares, square shaped jumpers, square cushions. There is just so much to inspire!

Had a great weekend last week. I went to Guilfest, the must-visit festival for the Eighties Chick (I told you I was square!). Took my little Rock Chick baby, spent an absolute fortune, had a fantastic time watching Kid Creole and the Coconuts ("Mum...why are they singing no more casual sex????"), the Human League, Status Quo and others. Spent two nights in a tent with 6 children and had the biggest laugh ever. What a tonic!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

What a scorcher of a day. It was busy in the shop this morning. Crochet club was on so Mad Jen was in making us laugh. She brought with her the most gorgeous baby blanket that her mum had made. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic so I cant show you but I'll try and get one - it really is truly scrumptious. Jen's sister Amy, who created the granny square blanket which features on my website and logo, made another one for me because a) I don't have the time and b) she is the neatest crocheter ever!
Jen has also been busy crocheting some gorgeous amigurumi animals for the shop, which are sitting in the window, (I love Pickles the Pup, even when he is trying to pee up the side of the teepee!).
Anyway, I wanted to thank them, so I made them each a button jar with a pin cushion lid. They are easy to make and look really lovely sitting on a shelf, full of gorgeous buttons. I managed, thanks to Lara, to find some etched glass preserving jars on a website called Barnitts and they are perfect for the job because the centre of the lid comes out so that you can sit the pin cushion bit in the top. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.....

The afternoon was really quiet. I think everyone was too hot to come out shopping. I closed the shop early, picked my baby up from school with her friends and headed to Rossi's for an icecream which we sat and ate on the beach. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.....

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sew Sew Lovely

Since joining the patchwork group, I've found myself becoming more and more puritanical about what I do. I've discovered that there is nothing to compare to hand stitching. I have always thought that using a sewing machine is the best course of action because it is quick, neat and even. But how wrong can one be!
There is something deeply satisfying about sitting around a table with a group of lovely people, drinking tea, chatting and sewing. I even like tacking! And equally satisfying is seeing something take shape that is completely hand made without the assistance of anything other than ones own steam. When I'm about to explode after a day at school, or shopping in Tesco (yuck) I can sit down with my sewing on my lap and take pleasure in a line of small and perfectly formed stitches (well almost perfect; I am still learning). And I can fondle the fabric as I go! (perhaps I need to get out more).
Having said all of this, it's early days and I haven't attempted the quilting yet (that's on next week's agenda). And would I like to make curtains by hand? Oh no, I don't think so..........