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Hello there, my name is Sharon and I live in Westcliff on Sea with my two daughters, Rosie Matilda and Rumer Valentine and, when he's home from uni, my son Sydney. I opened my shop Roses & Rue in July 2009 and this has been a long held dream realised. I have recently given up teaching so that I can focus on building the business. As well as being fanatical about knitting, I love to crochet, sew and generally have a go at all things crafty. Hopefully you will take a little time out now and then to visit the blog and find out whats been going on in my busy world.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Getting through the pile of 'to do's' (and I don't mean housework)

Hi all,
So pleased with my latest finished project, which I started about three weeks ago, in amongst everything else I had started. I found the pattern in the August edition of 'Knitting' magazine, designed by Marie Wallin. I used a similar yarn to that used in the book but am still pleased with the end result....

The squares were really easy to do and the flowery bits in the middle were made from chains linked by slip stitches into the ring. My little chick Ru even managed to have a go at a simpler version, which I have attached to a hairband for her.

So it's on to the next project on the waiting list: two pairs of childrens socks for a customer's little girl, Violet (what a gorgeous name). I always use two circular needles for my socks and have created this pattern from an adult pattern, which I have scaled down. I have tried them on Violet as I've been going and they have a really cutesy slouchy effect, perfect for wearing with converse or boots. The second pair are going to be longer with deep cuffs so that they can be turned over, a la festival chic!

It's very quiet in the shop so, I'm going to get stuck in and get as much done as I can. It stops me from missing the children who are all away at the moment; Syd's off travelling around Europe with his girlfriend Paj, and the girls have gone to Jersey with their father for a camping holiday. I always try to see these annual holidays as a chance to do something for myself, but inevitably end up pining for them and waiting for them to come home. It's just not the same; Rosie is not here to make a mess and badger me for lifts here there and everywhere and Ru's not here to play Lego with or sew with. How sad am I?????


Picto said...

Not sad at all, I love having time on my own, I love the quiet and the peace....... but not for too long :o)

Jan x

Roses & Rue said...

your absolutely right - nice to have some me time, but looking forward to girls coming back x